1. Am I registered to vote?
Click here to find out if you are a registered voter.

2. If not, where can I register to vote?
There are several options to register to vote in Anderson County. A person can download the voter registration form from our website and mail it to the Election Commission office, or you may register in person.

3. How do I update my voter information?
The state of Tennessee requires all changes to voter information (name change, address, etc) must be done in writing.

4. Do I register to vote by party?
No, Tennessee is an open primary state, and registering by party is not required by law.

5. How do I request an absentee ballot?
Click here to download the absentee ballot request form.

6. When does early voting begin, and where can I early vote?
By law, early voting begins in Tennessee 20 days before election day and ends 5 days before election day. In Anderson County, there are 3 early voting locations- Clinton Community Center, Clinton; Midtown Community Center(Wildcat Den), Oak Ridge; North Anderson County Government Building, Andersonville.

7. When voting in a primary election, why do I have to declare a political party to vote?
By law, a Primary election is designed for the political parties to select their slate of candidates for the General election. When a voter is asked which ballot he/she wishes, the voter is locked into that Party’s ballot, and cannot crossover their selections until the General election.

8. Why do I need a Photo ID?
All voters must present an ID, meeting the requirements set by the State Election Coordinators Office, containing the voter’s name and photograph, whether voting early or on Election Day. To get more information you may call or visit your county election commission, or visit www.govotetn.com.